nextburb.com + Allyssa
Hello! I’m excited to share this strategy plan built just for you. As your marketer and designer I’ll do all that I can to ensure your goals are met during our time together. Let’s dive in 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Increase awareness of nextburb.com’s service offerings. Gain website leads through effective content marketing. Includes product marketing, messaging, positioning and web design.
Plan of Action
Step 1 Audit of nextburb.com Assess what needs to be remedied or addressed before any content or ad efforts. Website design and messaging shall be finalized prior to any campaigns or blog creation. Website shall include lead forms and the ability to capture leads. HubSpot or equivalent is desired for website to capture and measure leads. Step 2 Establish buyer and user personas. Work with nextburb.com stakeholders to investigate the ideal buyer persona. Break it out by casual users, paying users, evangelists and third-party companies. After establishing personas begin keyword research to assess what key terms audience is searching for. (Utilize Google and Twitter) Step 3 Craft a messaging and positioning statement that addresses the benefit(s) nextburb.com brings to your users. This will be the driving force behind everything we do. Step 4 Decide on 2-3 blogs to work on based on the messaging and users. Write blogs Step 5 Social content. Decide if social is something worth pursuing at this time. This can run after the first blog is up. If so, consider Instagram Live Stories, Twitter Chat or partnering with someone who has a large social following. Idea 1: Do a chat with someone who recently moved. Q&A chat on social to drive engagement Idea 2: Partner with TheMuse.com or similar on a social campaign around nextburb.com offerings Idea 3: Do a Instagram Live Story with Coa to discuss the psychology of WHY people are moving Idea 4: Run a social campaign that offers a $500 of moving expenses covered on behalf of nextburb.com (to cover moving boxes, supplies etc). This will increase follower count and engagement if done properly. Idea 5: Blog and social campaign on how-to move during a pandemic. This one is delicate so would need to be handled with caution.
6-8 weeks
$100 per hour capped at 10 hours per week.
Next Steps
With me, you’ll get a designer and marketer who can do all of this work first hand. Which means you get the output of an agency from one individual. But first things first, let’s make this partnership official and sign on the line.
This proposal expires January 27, 2021. Upon signing of the proposal please submit a deposit of $1000 (10 hours of paid work aka the first week of work) to [email protected] via Venmo, digital check or Zelle.